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Helping Crime Victims Rebuild Their Lives

Bio Tec Emergency Services is a nationwide clean up and responder company that helps bring aid to families when they need it most. We specialize in crime scene clean up, water damage restoration, biohazard clean up, mold cleanup, trauma clean up, and hoarding clean up that families and customers have come to rely on. With 24 hour emergency responders available around the clock, you can feel safe knowing that we are just one call away from any situation.

Crime Scene Clean Up


When life takes an unexpected turn, the Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec are here to help the families of crime victims rebuild their lives. We specialize in the clean up and decontamination of an area involving deceased bodies from any form of death whether it be suicide, natural or homicide.


Biohazard Clean Up


Biohazardous waste or chemicals that are not properly decontaminated from a property can be detrimental to your health. From meth lab remediations, to hoarding clean ups to blood spills, our team will successfully clean and restore the area so it is no longer a hazardous environment.


Restoration Services

Hazardous Symbol

Water damage, mold formation and fire damage are all things that can occur out of our control. The specialists of Bio Tec are experts in restoring homes, properties and basements. Living in a toxic environment is poisonous to the body and can have extreme effects on health.