Biohazard Clean Up | Bio Tec Emergency Services

Biohazardous waste is technically defined as anything involving contact with contaminated excretion from human bodies or other living organisms, infectious diseases like a virus or bacteria, blood, harmful chemicals, or any form of waste.

The Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec are experts in safely removing and decontaminating everything involved in the biohazardous area. The term “biohazard” is used much more generally with crime scenes. Whether there is a homicide or if you have black mold aggressively developed in your basement, the area is considered biohazardous and needs to be cleaned immediately.

Your safety is our number one priority, and it is our job to make sure you are living in a clean and safe environment.

Our process for a thorough biohazard clean up has the same standard protocol as any other clean up service. We are first notified, and from there we do an on-site evaluation to see the extent of the crime scene so we can get a better understanding of how to approach the situation. Every biohazard clean up is different and is taken very seriously. Bio Tec offers biohazard clean up services to residential and commercial properties including the removal and transportation of the biohazard waste, as well as a full site cleaning and decontamination with our special decontamination solution.

Biohazardous waste is nothing to take lightly, and must be cleaned immediately. If you are in need of our biohazard clean up service, call Bio Tec immediately and a Restoration Specialists will reach out to you as soon as possible!