Flood Restoration | Bio Tec Emergency Services

At Bio Tec, we understand that accidents can happen out of our reach. A flood can occur a couple ways by either natural causes like torrential rain and flooding from a storm or if a pipe bursts within your home. The expert Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec have the knowledge and expertise to completely mitigate the damage left behind from a flood. In order to preserve the life of your residential or commercial property, it is essential that your home is properly restored.

Homes and properties that are not professional restored after a flood can lead to devastating mold production creating an uninhabitable and toxic environment.

When a flooding occurs, the first thing you must do is remain calm and turn off the power generator (if it is not already) to make sure you are safe from any electrical issues. The Flood Restoration Specialists will then come to the home or property to evaluate the amount of damage done with our special water removal equipment. Once the amount of damage done has been evaluated it is time to start the water removal process.

The Flood Restoration Specialists first begin by properly and effectively removing all water contents from the home using an essential water removal pump to suck the water out of the flooded area and out into the street. Our special infrared cameras are also a key tool in this process that are used to see the exact location of the water being removed. Once the water is removed, our essential moisture detector and meter equipments are used to identify the extent of the moisture.

STATEN ISLAND, NY - OCTOBER 30: Completely flooded basement next day after Hurricane Sandy on October 30, 2012 in Staten Island. It is visible line showing maximum water level higher than 7 feetOnce our team has removed the water and identified the areas that hold moisture, we then use a decontamination and disinfection solution to kill any bacterial or fungal spores from forming. This is an integral part of the process because moisture is the number one leading cause for mold growth, which is considered a biohazard. Often times, the moisture left behind creates a strong odor, in which we would use our odor neutralizer equipment to purify the air of odors and bacteria.

Once the flooded area has been disinfected and decontaminated, the drying process can begin. With our state of the art drying equipment, we are able to quickly and safely dry the carpets, floors, walls, furniture and surrounding items that have been affected by the flood. These special dehumidifiers and dryers are a key component in this process because they dramatically help prevent floors and furniture from warping or swelling. Not every flood is the same. Depending on the severity of the flood, our team may have to use another drying technique on top of our process to ensure a safe restoration.


Bio Tec is only able to offer these flood restoration services to residents and businesses within the Twin Cities area. When weather takes a turn for the worse or when the plumbing fails, it is important to stay calm because the expert Flood Restoration Specialists are here to bring your home or property back to its original condition! Call us right away if you need our flood restoration services.