Homicide Clean Up | Bio Tec Emergency Services

When a homicide takes place in your home, property or business you must have the area professionally decontaminated and sterilized. The area that the homicide takes place is considered a crime scene and there are different steps that need to be taken in comparison to other types of death clean ups. In some cases those involved in a homicide are close associates of one another. When a homicide happens it will affect those involved more than other types of death scenes. It’s very important that you call Bio Tec to take the emotional burden of cleaning the scene when it becomes released by the local authorities.

Crime scene investigators are called to the scene to conduct a full investigation of the scene. This process will take as much time as the investigators need to gather the correct evidence and documentation for the case. In many cases the crime scene investigators will use fingerprint dust in their investigation on walls, door handles and other surfaces to gather any outstanding information about the crime scene. Once the crime scene has been thoroughly investigated and released to the family, the family is responsible for getting it cleaned. That is where our Restoration Specialists come in.

The Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec are here to relieve your family of stress during traumatic events.

Homicide clean ups are typically different because in most cases, there area in which the homicide occurred is over a much broader area, in comparison tosomeone passing in their sleep. In many instances, weapons such as guns or knives have been used and because of the incident, multiple rooms may need to be decontaminated and cleaned.

The Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec are here to help you get your home or property back when something traumatic like a homicidal event takes place. Our decontamination and sterilization process is used to eliminate and sanitize the area completely.

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