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Meth, short for Methamphetamine, is an extremely powerful stimulant that directly affects the central nervous system. Meth is categorized as a man-made drug and can be ingested a numerous number of ways. Meth is cooked using a combination of normal everyday chemicals that are sold at your local grocery store. The easy access to ingredients has caused this stimulant to become one of the most severe widespread epidemics known to man, ruining the lives of everybody it comes in contact with.

The demand for meth has become so much greater in the past decade that meth cookers and dealers are turning their own homes into meth labs trying to create higher quantities and make more money. The harmful and highly addictive effects of meth are only a piece of the puzzle, but the harmful chemicals used to create this drug are contaminating homes and releasing toxic fumes into the air.

Has the residence been tagged by the local authorities as “meth lab”? The local authorities could have quarantined the residents as a verified meth lab, meaning someone may have been arrested for meth manufacturing or there was convincing evidence in the home of meth manufacturing or usage of the drug. If this is the case, Bio Tec will work along with the local authorities and develop a specific work plan that follows the guidelines set up by the State’s Health Dept. This work plan outlines the step-by-step procedures for the residence to be cleaned, tested and brought back to a safe livable condition.

Have you heard rumors about a home you just bought ? Do you suspect that Meth was used or cooked in your residents before you moved in? If you suspect that your resident has had meth use in the past, but not verified by local authorities please call Bio Tec to schedule a meth site assessment. Doing this will answer your question. Is there meth contamination that is harmful to my family in my home? During the site assessment Bio Tec will take 20-30 samples from the home that will be sent to a certified accredited lab for analysis. Samples will be taken from all rooms and on different horizontal surfaces. Within a few days our team is informed of the results and a results letter will be made available to you along with the lab results. If the testing received is positive for meth a detailed work plan will be submitted to remediate the home and bring the home safe livable conditions.

Meth residue is extremely dangerous and can lead to extreme health issues if not decontaminated properly. All of the carpets will be removed, and anything porous that can be absorbed by the microscopic particles will be removed as well. The Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec are professionals is meth lab remediation and we guarantee a thorough and meticulous decontamination of all items that have been in contact with methamphetamine chemicals.

With our unique decontamination solution and neutralizer, the home will be completely restored to a clean and livable environment.
Anything or any area that has been in contact with meth is highly dangerous and needs to be properly decontaminated immediately. If you or someone you know is in need of our meth lab remediation services or testing, call us right away!