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Mold damage that is not decontaminated can be responsible for many health problems and in even some cases death as many forms of mold are considered toxic.

The most common type of forming mold is black mold, which can start to develop behind walls. Mold damage that is not cleaned up and decontaminated can be responsible for many health problems, and in even some cases death, as many forms of mold are considered toxic. The professional Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec are trained to not only identify where microbial growth exists, but to go beyond what the naked eye can see. They inspect and identify the source of the moisture to prevent mold growth from reappearing. Complete resolution to the moisture problem in your home or property is the only way to guarantee the microbial growth is eliminated and the area is decontaminated.

Molds and fungi are considered allergens, so performing mold cleanup services lowers your risk for you and anyone in your home to develop asthma, skin allergies and even problems breathing. If someone in your home is already suffering from such medical conditions, proper mold cleanup will prevent conditions from worsening.

The Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec Emergency Services start the mold cleanup by containing the area. Our specialists fully contain the area by taping up the doorways and stairwells so that the spores don’t spread to other parts of the home. It is important to use extreme caution when doing a mold cleanup because there are tiny microscopic spores that can latch on and reproduce at a very high rate, creating an extremely biohazardous area. Once the area is fully contained, our Restoration Specialists wearing protective bodysuits, use air scrubbers and Hepa bags to suck up the microscopic particles and filter the air. Once the air is purified, our specialists vacuum all surfaces followed by a chemical treatment used to treat and encapsulate the mold.

  • Identify type of mold
  • Identify the source of moisture
  • Extract, decontaminate and dispose
  • Chemical treatment to prevent recurrence
  • Reconstruction

Bio Tec is only able to offer these mold cleanup services to residents and businesses within the Twin Cities area. Once our specialists have completed the mold cleanup, they do a post sampling the same day which is sent off to the lab for examination. Within 2 days the lab results, depending on the severity of the mold, will indicate whether or not the area is safe and decontaminated.

You and your family’s health and safety is our number one priority. If you are experiencing mold, or might think your property is at risk for mold development, call Bio Tec Emergency Services right away!

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