Natural Death Clean Up | Bio Tec Emergency Services

Natural deaths differ from other crime scenes because the clean up is typically much more contained, then compared to trauma crime scenes. In many cases, natural deaths happen from health complications or of old age, in which case the clean up is much less extensive. In a natural death situation, the body is in one spot so the contaminated area is contained. Typically the area where the body was found will need to be cleaned and items around that area will need to be removed. These items would include things like the furniture they were on when found, the bed or even the floor if that is where they were at the time of death. It is fairly common that the flooring, carpeting and tile may have to be removed as well depending on the severity of the death.

With natural deaths, sometimes there can be a stronger odor in comparison to other types of death because the amount of time it takes the body to be discovered. The Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec use an odor neutralization, which is an application process that uses a fog or mist throughout the home to eliminate the odor.

It is important that any area where someone has died, that it is professionally decontaminated by our specialists. Even in natural death instances, it is still considered a crime scene and the necessary steps need to be take in order to ensure a clean, sterile environment.

You can feel confident in letting our expert Restoration Specialists provide you and your family with natural death clean up services when you need it.