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Water LeakingWater damage to your home, business or property can occur from many different sources: a leaky faucet, heavy rains or ruptured plumbing to name a few. If the water damage is cleaned quickly, damage can be minimal and reduce the headache and cost of consequence if left alone. If addressed quickly, water damage can be treated on most surfaces and materials. Depending on the severity of the water damage, some items may be completely unsalvageable; other things may just be permanently damaged. The difference between being able to recover something after destructive water damage could be a matter of a couple hours. Microbial growth can develop extremely quickly causing damage to the area, which can further lead into serious health concerns. Water causes damage to the foundation, electrical systems as well as all contents in and around the structure itself. Basements are extremely prone to water damage and because they sit so closely to the foundation of the home, it is extremely important to restore the damage as quickly as possible to avoid erosion that could potentially be a threat to the structure of your home.

Microbial growth can develop extremely quickly causing damage to the area, which can further lead into serious health concerns.

When your home or property has suffered from water damage, all electricity must be turned off immediately to ensure the area is safe and the clean up is efficient. Any sort of uncontained water could pose a huge threat if it comes in contact with an electrical outlet. Next, our Restoration Specialists us sophisticated moisture measuring equipment and take a full inspection of the property to see the severity of the water damage. After the Restoration Specialists have detected the amount of water damage, we are then able to start removing all items that are salvageable. Keep all of these items in a safe, dry area to prevent any potential mold from developing. Once all of the items that survived the water damage are out of the way, we can then do a clean sweep of all other items left behind. From here, our Restoration Specialists clean up the extra debris and larger wastes by placing into large bins. From here, our specialists have all items and debris cleared and we can then start the water removal process using a special vacuum tool made specifically for water removal. Once all water has been removed, our specialists will do a final check of floors, carpets and furniture to see how much water has been absorbed. After the restoration is complete, we can begin the final steps to dry and complete the water damage restoration by setting up dehumidifiers quick dry devices around the damaged area. This will help speed up the drying process and get your home or property back to its original condition as fast as possible!

  • 24 Hour emergency water extraction and drying services
  • Carpet, walls and contents dehumidification and quick dry methods
  • Sophisticated moisture measuring equipment and meters
  • Water Remediation
  • Reconstruction
  • Direct Billing to Insurance

Bio Tec is only able to offer these water damage restoration services to residents and businesses within the Twin Cities area. If your home or property has endured water damage, Bio Tec Emergency Services is your trusted restoration and clean up responder! We have emergency personnel available 24/7 and are here to make your life easier.