Crime Scene Cleaners Can Help You Move Forward


Mark Krop

Few people realize what is left behind for family or friends to deal with once law enforcement releases a trauma scene back to loved ones. At Bio-Tec, we believe that loved ones, especially in the case of a suicide or homicide, should never have to deal directly with the unpleasantness that such events leave behind. Trauma scene clean up is an emerging field that offers a vital service to the survivors of the tragic event …


Mark Krop

There are eight general principles used in the remediation of blood, body fluids, and Other  Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM) affecting structures, contents, exterior locations, vehicles,  and other materials. Applying these principles may require a multi-disciplinary approach involving  the understanding of building construction, vehicle construction, and other areas of expertise. All  human blood and OPIM, regardless of their source, shall be considered potentially hazardous.  Animal blood and their OPIM should be considered potentially hazardous. Remediation of …