Crime scene Cleanup

The Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec Emergency Services are here to help you, your family or business in traumatic situations. When the unexpected occurs, our Crime scene Cleanup Specialist will assist you during this emotional situation by providing you with the help needed in SOUTH CAROLINA to clean the crime scene and bring it back to the pre-existing condition. It’s important that you call our emergency line ( 888-246-9111 ) right away so our team can be dispatched a local team from SOUTH CAROLINA to take the emotional burden off those who are being affected most by the incident.

Trauma clean ups are in are considered dangerous because of the harmful diseases that may be present from the body fluid, blood, and/or viral pathogens. These could be harmful and potentially even deadly if you come in contact.

Depending on the event that caused the trauma scene, the clean up may need to cover multiple areas of the scene. It is required that trauma scenes are professionally cleaned by expert restoration specialists to ensure that the area is decontaminated of any harmful waste. Bio Tec uses a process to remove infected items and decontaminate all surfaces that have been exposed to these harmful pathogens. During the trauma clean process Bio Tec will do a thorough washing of all surfaces, decontaminate the surfaces that can be saved and neutralize all odors from the property. Bio Tec uses appropriate decontamination solutions and odor neutralizers to scrub away and purify any harmful toxins and airborne pathogens that could pose a threat to your health.

When the unthinkable happens call, Bio Tec. If you or anybody you know has been in an unfortunate accident and are in need of our Crime scene Cleanup services call us right away! One of our 24 hour emergency responders will assist you with further questions about our services.