Fire Restoration From Start To Finish

Fire Restoration From Start To Finish

Fire-restoration-fixing-damaged-homeHoliday Celebrations Could Turn Into Fire Restoration Scenes

No one wants it to happen to them, but year after year, there are accidents in the home revolving around the holidays. Perhaps your Christmas tree got too close to the heater and went up in flames. Maybe the fireplace sparked a rug, sending an out of control fire through the home. Whatever happened in your home, you now have to deal with it and having it occur around the holidays makes it that much worse. No matter what time of year you have a fire, the professionals at Bio Tec Emergency are here to help. Here are some of the fire restoration processes we’ll put into effect to help you restore your home as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the next holiday with your family.

Water Extraction

When you have a fire in your home, you’ll have smoke and flame damage, but you might not consider water damage as well. If firefighters were called to the scene, chances are they’ll put out the fire with fire hoses and your home will be filled with water. That water needs to be removed so the fire restoration process can begin. You also want the water fully removed so you can avoid mold growth, which can become another issue to add to your list of problems.

Smoke Damage

Even if the fire doesn’t spread past one room, there are possibilities of smoke damage in other areas of the house. You need to have that damage assessed as part of the fire restoration services and then removed. Remember the last time you were at a bonfire and how you smelled after? Smoke carries a distinct odor and you will want that smell out from your house as well. Bio Tech will work on all of those areas to give you a damage-free home without a smoky scent.

Vacuum Freeze Drying

We understand that there are certain things you cannot lose. If you have certain documents that are very important to you, it is essential to preserve those as much as possible. We offer vacuum freeze-drying to preserve as much of the integrity of those items as possible.


Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do for a room other than start over and rebuild it. We help with reconstruction on a regular basis so we can save as much of the structure as possible and rebuild what can’t be saved.

Contact Bio Tec For Help

If you have a fire in your home, Bio Tec offers these fire restoration services (and more) to Twin Cities residents. If your business or home has an unfortunate fire, it’s helpful to have the professionals take care of the process as soon as possible so you are left with a toxin-free environment that is back in working order.

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