If you know a friend or family member that suffers from this form of obsessive compulsive disorder, then you know how difficult it can be in trying to help them. When dealing with someone who lives in clutter and cannot separate from material items, it is important to take into account the emotional state of the individual. During the hoarding cleanup process it is essential that the person is not present at that time, so they are not faced with separation hardships. Most of the individuals that need this type of service will be moving into a different home, or even an assisted home facility so someone can walk them through the process.

The hoarding cleanup process starts by someone reaching out to Bio Tec Emergency Services and informing us of the issue. In most cases, we typically get calls from social workers, attorneys or family members. We first start by removing all material elements from the home and figuring out what is trash and what is donatable. Once the home or property is cleared out, the Restoration Specialists can then see the damage caused by the hoarding. In some cases there is severe mold growth that has formed due to water or moisture stuck behind the clutter. In other cases, there could be plumbing issues from not being able to properly use the sink or toilet for an extended length of time. The hoarding cleanup process is generally quick and we are able to fully clear all of the clutter. All items that are useable will be donated to the local institutions in the area.

If you know someone that suffers from hoarding and is need of our hoarding clean up services, call the Restoration Specialists of Bio Tec Emergency Services right way and we will be there to help clean the home back to its original condition.

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