Everything You Need To Know About Flood Restoration

Why You Need Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration Is Important

If you have a bursted pipe or a nearby river that overflows and floods your home, you already know you have a mess on your hands. Where do you start? How can you get it all cleaned up so you can resume normal life? It can take quite a bit of time and effort, that’s for sure. Although there are some things you can do yourself, you may be better off calling for a flood restoration specialist. Why is floor restoration important? There are a number of reasons.


When it comes to having water in your home, your safety is of utmost importance. You might think that once the water is gone, you are back on safe levels. However, without proper flood restoration, you may not know what kind of damage you are looking at. Water is dangerous because if it is not cleared out and cleaned up properly, it can easily grow mold. You need the right floor restoration to protect your family from dangerous mold situations.


When you work on flood restoration alone, you may survey your home and attempt to guess at how much damage there is. But the fact of the matter is that you are not an expert when it comes to floods. You may be able to tell what is wet and what is dry, but how deep does the water damage really go? Having a flood restoration specialist offer you an evaluation can give you a true estimate on what kind of work you have ahead of you.

Essential Water Removal

Of course, when you have a flood, you know a key to the clean up is water removal. But how do you go about that on your own? Towels and buckets? With a professional flood restoration service, you get a water removal pump to suck the water out of your flooded home and push it out into the street. Once the water is removed, you get the advantage of a moisture detector and meter equipment to gauge how much moisture is still in the house. There are certain areas that hold onto water and moisture and you need to locate those effectively.


Once the water is removed from your house, even if you do that yourself, you can’t necessarily decontaminate the home on your own. A professional flood restoration company will kill any fungal and bacterial spores that have formed in order to avoid mold growth. This decontamination will also lead to odor neutralization, as moisture left behind can often smell bad. The drying process will also help decontaminate and kill off any remaining spores.

Flood Differences

No two floods are alike and each should be handled with care and with the proper processes. Depending on the severity of the flood, a flood restoration team can take care of the situation from start to finish. Bio Tec Emergency Services offers flood restoration in the Twin Cities region so you can take back your property and rid yourself of flood damage.

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